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      Jimmie Durham       PARTICLE/WORD THEORY      

      Dieter Rot       Collected Interviews      

      Richard Hamilton       introspective      

      The Smell of Ink and Soil         The story of [Edition] Hansjorg Mayer

by Bronac Ferran                                                                including a comprehensive bibliography

Hansjorg Mayer -     TYPO     FOTO     FILM        

Hansjorg Mayer -     TYPO       

Hansjorg Mayer -     FOTO       

Hansjorg Mayer -     FILM       

The Nagas         extended new edition - with the addition of a chapter - Connecting to the Past - by Marion Wettstein and Alban von Stockhausen

Rirkit Tiravanija   - The Travelling Edition

Dieter Roth - Collected Works

Dieter Roth - Collected Works - Deluxe Editions

Dieter Roth - Tränenmeere


Dieter Roth - Bastel-Novellen

Dieter Roth - Essays

Dieter Roth - Poetrie

Dieter Roth - Scheisse

Richard Hamilton Polaroid Portraits 1 to 4


Exhibition - Gemeentemuseum Den Haag - 1968

The First Alphabet 1962


The Last Alphabet 1969

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